Also I overheard the one nurse call me a very pleasant girl so I’ve got that going for me?



Or not? Idk apparently I have chron’s disease now? Good god docs make up your mind

My god I need something to drink I haven’t ingested anything in like 12 hours

So I have to get an MRI to see if I have appendicitis and they gave me literally like a half a gallon of shit to drink that’s a due and it tastes like garbage omg

So apparently my appendix may be fucked cool beans


The most disappointing thing about the Into The Woods movie is that Milky White is going to be a real cow not a plastic one.

awaybacktothen replied to your post “Benanti is gonna be on Nashville dreams do come true”

WHAT. is she gonna be able to act and not like, immerse herself in connie britton’s hair?

probably not

are you okay now?

ehh. i definitely feel better, like i can get up without almost passing out, but my stomach is still killing me. i just have to take like really shallow breaths, and i can’t really stand up completely straight. good god i have so many digestive problems its not even funny.  i really think i have like a gluten issue or something, literally everything that’s wrong with me would be explained by it if i did lol

also i have like no doctor right now because i was still going to a pediatrician and they yelled at me last tme lol


why doesn’t anyone appreciate my sarcasm and bitterness as much as i do


I wanna relate to you guys on your level and find out what’s going on in your world so I’m educating myself x